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Chris White

These bars are genuinely awesome. Perfect size, moisture and texture to fuel my runs and they taste amazing! My favourite is the coconut goji, which I’ve used throughout training and racing for my 17 Marathons in 2017 challenge.

-Chris White, finisher 17 Marathons in 2017 Challenge, Run Coach at Go Run Australia
ultra endurance athlete and world record holder Dave Alley

The best product of its type on the market bar none!

-Dave Alley, Ultra-Endurance Athlete, 3x World Record Holder, Author & Run Coach at Alley Health & Fitness
ultra endurance athlete Carmen Atkinson

Finding a delicious bar that’s vegan and without all the unnecessary additives, sugars and toxins is terrific.
I recommend At One to endurance athletes and patients alike, anyone that’s looking for convenient, healthy wholefood snacks.
I wouldn’t go on a long ride or run without one in my back pocket. And my pantry’s always stocked, so I can grab one on the go!

-Carmen Atkinson, Chiropractor, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Ultra-distance endurance athlete

Salted Caramel Nice Cream, oh yasss!!!

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Post-Training Protein Hit? Look No Further!

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Vegan Chia, Apricot and Quinoa Balls

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  • Third up to be introduced to our panel for this Friday’s Q & A evening is Brad Dalrymple @braddalrymple Brad is an amateur Triathlete and a Environmental Engineer. He loves all things swimming,cycling and Running. Most recently he competed in Ultraman Australia and came 5th overall. Tickets via #atonerun #runyourworld #running #therunningcompany_sunnycoast #sunshinecoast
  • Meet panelist number 2 for this Friday the 17th’s Q&A evening. Dr Carmen Atkinson @the_innate_athlete brings a wealth of knowledge to the panel. Carmen is committed to helping people achieve optimal health & happiness through performance focused Chiropractic care and Athletic coaching. She has competed in multiple marathons, ultra-marathons, Ironman’s and most recently Ultraman. Tickets via #atonerun #runyourworld #running #therunningcompany_sunnycoast #sunshinecoast
  • Friday August 17th, put that date in your diary!
Together with @therunningcompany_sunnycoast we are hosting in store an evening with some special guests to talk all things running. 6pm till 8pm tickets are $15 via and use the code RUNCO to save $5.
Over the next few days we will introduce our guests. First guest.....Paul Mackinnon @thebalancedrunner Paul is a run technique specialist for performance, injury prevention and enjoyment. You will gain a lot of valuable information listening to Paul. So don’t miss out!!
  • Office snacks at their best!
Snackwize - Healthy Office Snacks Delivered #fuelyourpassion #notjustforathletes #fuelyourpassion
  • It’s the small things in life that make the most difference. The small wins, your daily thoughts and actions, and the moments you feel loved. These ‘little’ things are actually bigger than you could ever imagine.
Simone Brick - At One Ambassador #fuelyourpassion
  • Starting the morning with a view.  How did your morning view compare? 😜
#fuelyourpassion #morningview
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