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Runner in the gruelling Marathon des Sables


Ever thought about how you fuel your performance?

Andrew (our co-founder) did during the grueling 250 km 7-day Marathon des Sables in the Moroccan Sahara Desert.  

Andrew found himself mid-marathon running on empty, despite fueling himself on gels, powdered sports drinks, dehydrated meals and bars. So he started to rethink how he powered his sport.

Searching for the right natural fuel became a mission, so he created his own lightweight and completely natural energy bar.     

Every race that followed was powered and sustained by his real food energy bars.   

Along the journey, Andrew connected with other athletes and they too joined the real food movement and together they’ve perfected At One Bars to give sustained endurance performance fueled by real food.

At One helps athletes change the way they think about sports nutrition, so they have the right fuel and energy to push through their limits and recover properly.

Made with 100% natural ingredients At One Real Food Energy Bars provide all the nutrition and energy you need to power and sustain your training, marathon, triathlon, hike, ski, run or even just a hectic schedule!     

How do we know?     

Because it’s been tested on us and hundreds of other athletes before we even started the company.     

Don’t risk injury, fatigue or your next burnout, grab our bars and fuel your passion.

Read more about our Founders, Andrew and Tara Terlich here.


  • A brief 4 hr adventure fueled by At One and waterfals = Bliss 🙌
#fuelyourpassion #coconut Goji
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  • Starting my day right! 🤗 #fuelyourpassion #peanutbutterchoc
  • A race to remember..... Races aren't just about the runner. This is our founder Andrew running The Great Wall of China Marathon (a few years ago now) with our son Tallinn. A proud moment meeting dad to run through the finish line. Andrew rocked it coming in No.1. #fuelyourpassion #runningwithdad
  • Start your Sunday with a run 🏃
  • When the hard work is visual 😉 “ To be able at any moment. To sacrifice what you are! For what you will become! “
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  • Why we've chosen to use Hemp in our delicious Peanut Butter Choc Protein Bar. 💪
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