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At One Ambassadors

Jessica Trengove

"Dream big and enjoy the journey" Location Adelaide, Sth Aust Occupation Athlete and part-time Physiotherapist Your sport Long distance runner...

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Simone Brick

"Be where your feet are currently falling on this beautiful Earth. Here, now, is life" Location Melbourne, Vic Occupation Biomedicine...

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Matt Hutchinson

"That feeling of running down towards the finishing line with all your friends and family cheering you on is one...

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Carmen Atkinson

"We are capable of more than we can possibly imagine" Location Sunshine Coast, Qld Occupation Chiropractor, Coach, Speaker Your sport...

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Sean Clancy

"You CAN do anything with persistence, commitment and consistent training" Location Noosa Occupation Lifeguard Your sport Triathlon and Surf Ironman...

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Chris White

"The knock on effect of doing good things and being positive is profound" Location Melbourne, Vic Occupation Founder of GoRun...

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Sarah Penny

"Be brave, be honest, go on adventures do the things that scare you, that excite you" Location Brisbane, Qld Occupation...

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Andrew Terlich

"The future isΒ yours to create. Live your dream" Location Noosa, Qld Occupation Business Owner Your sport Trail ultra marathons; MTB...

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  • Very cool photo! πŸ˜€  @thedeckstudio @greg.hardwick
  • @Regran_ed from @noosatrironman -  A dream team can turn dreams into reality... so choose wisely 🧐
Just 3 years ago, I would eat anything and my training was all about quantity. Enter "quality" from natural nutrition and short (but high intensity) training; I now replenish my body with whole foods and train less than ever but feel fitter, stronger and faster. While there is science behind this story, it isn't complicated. Choose wholesome foods to nourish your cells instead of processed garbage that will litter your body, inhibit performance and slow recovery. Introduce high intensity intervals into your training sessions to optimise cardio, strength and power gains. I am SO grateful for the #AtOneFoods + #F45 team who have supported me along this journey... bigger things to come!
#IStillEatAlmondCroissants #Shhh
#FuelYourPassion with @At_One_Foods
#TeamTraining at @F45Training_Noosa - #regrann
  • #fuelyourpassion
  • Real Food Energy Bars!😍 #fuelyourpassion
  • It's going to be a hot one! Keep hydrated this weekend and don't forget your fuel πŸ˜‰ πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ 
#fuelyourpassion @thedeckstudio
  • I wonder if this is the highest point our bars have reached?πŸ€” #fuelyourpassion
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