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Nutrition and Training Tips

2 Mind Training Techniques to Help You Run Better

Train your brain and harness the mind-body connection to improve your running results! Here's 2 simple mind techniques to practice. Blocking out unhelpful...

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Four Key Nutrition Tips For Endurance Runners

When it comes to keep your body happy and healthy, and continually improving your running performance, nutrition is a key component. Here...

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Peppermint Oil – Skyrocket Your Performance!

Are you looking for that extra edge, to shave seconds off your next race time? Forget seconds, peppermint oil could help you...

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Chocolate For Cyclists: Power Your Bike with Chocolate

It's no secret that chocolate milk’s combination of antioxidants, protein and carbohydrate has many of the ingredients for a great recovery drink. But...

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Top 5 Foods for Natural Performance Enhancement

Fresh, natural foods help our bodies reduce inflammation, fight disease and rebuild muscle. Not only does this keep us healthy,...

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Almonds – The Natural Performance Enhancer

Andrew (our co-founder) is living proof that foods play a role in performance and endurance. We're always reading the science...

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8 Superfoods for Strength and Endurance

Long, gruelling workouts that take a toll on body and mind is what we endurance athletes live for. But to maintain these...

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Do Bananas Outperform Sports Drinks for Energy?

We're crazy about science, we are big fans of I f-ing love science Facebook page.     We're always on the lookout...

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Buckwheat: Yes, it’s Gluten-Free!

Buckwheat, it’s not a grain at all, it is in fact a seed related to rhubarb and sorrel. And being...

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Cacao: Yes, chocolate is good for you!

Cacao. What exactly is it? And how is chocolate good for me? Cacao is a much misunderstood superfood, and the...

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Just 3 years ago, I would eat anything and my training was all about quantity. Enter "quality" from natural nutrition and short (but high intensity) training; I now replenish my body with whole foods and train less than ever but feel fitter, stronger and faster. While there is science behind this story, it isn't complicated. Choose wholesome foods to nourish your cells instead of processed garbage that will litter your body, inhibit performance and slow recovery. Introduce high intensity intervals into your training sessions to optimise cardio, strength and power gains. I am SO grateful for the #AtOneFoods + #F45 team who have supported me along this journey... bigger things to come!
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