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Salted Caramel Nice Cream, oh yasss!!!

Salted Caramel, its everywhere! So unless you've been living on a deserted tropical island (wouldn't that be nice!), you've probably...

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Post-Training Protein Hit? Look No Further!

If chasing a protein hit after your morning exercise session, this delicious smoothie is perfect for you! Mix and match...

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Vegan Chia, Apricot and Quinoa Balls

For the sweet tooth, life is a constant compromise of fighting the heart’s desire for satisfying, sugary foods and struggling...

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Vegan Nourish Me Bowl

You're training hard, or perhaps just getting smashed at work. With your body under pressure from all angles, its imperative...

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To-Die-For Coco Mint Choc Chunks!

Try this to-die-for home made choc chunk recipe. And its so easy! Ingredients 150g good quality dark chocolate large handful...

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Deliciously gluten-free coco-nutty porridge

Does the thought of a steaming hot bowl of creamy porridge, bring back memories of cosy winter mornings from your...

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Turmeric Golden Milk Recipe

Recipe Ingredients 1 cup almond milk, warmed on stovetop ½ tsp turmeric paste* large pinch of cinnamon Pinch sea salt ½...

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Wholefood Protein Recovery Smoothie

This wholefood recovery smoothie absolutely delicious! And with 18g protein and 60g carbs, it has the perfect nutrient combo to...

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Amazing Raw Cherry Ripe Slice

Coconut, cherries, raw chocolate, OMG. And there's no added sugar or other nasties! Simple to make as well, try it...

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Recipe: Banana Bread in a Bowl

Do you love a warm, moist banana bread? Well this recipe is for you, it will blow your socks off!...

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Just 3 years ago, I would eat anything and my training was all about quantity. Enter "quality" from natural nutrition and short (but high intensity) training; I now replenish my body with whole foods and train less than ever but feel fitter, stronger and faster. While there is science behind this story, it isn't complicated. Choose wholesome foods to nourish your cells instead of processed garbage that will litter your body, inhibit performance and slow recovery. Introduce high intensity intervals into your training sessions to optimise cardio, strength and power gains. I am SO grateful for the #AtOneFoods + #F45 team who have supported me along this journey... bigger things to come!
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