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No added sugar · Gluten-free · Vegan


Vegan Nourish Me Bowl

You're training hard, or perhaps just getting smashed at work. With your body under pressure from all angles, its imperative...

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To-Die-For Coco Mint Choc Chunks!

Try this to-die-for home made choc chunk recipe. And its so easy! Ingredients 150g good quality dark chocolate large handful...

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Deliciously gluten-free coco-nutty porridge

Does the thought of a steaming hot bowl of creamy porridge, bring back memories of cosy winter mornings from your...

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Turmeric Golden Milk Recipe

Recipe Ingredients 1 cup almond milk, warmed on stovetop ½ tsp turmeric paste* large pinch of cinnamon Pinch sea salt ½...

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Wholefood Protein Recovery Smoothie

This wholefood recovery smoothie absolutely delicious! And with 18g protein and 60g carbs, it has the perfect nutrient combo to...

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Amazing Raw Cherry Ripe Slice

Coconut, cherries, raw chocolate, OMG. And there's no added sugar or other nasties! Simple to make as well, try it...

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Recipe: Banana Bread in a Bowl

Do you love a warm, moist banana bread? Well this recipe is for you, it will blow your socks off!...

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Acai Superfood Bowl

Acai is an amazing superfood that is fantastic in a healthy breakfast bowl or smoothie. In fact, its the perfect...

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