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Be part of our vibrant and connected community, we take article submissions for our blog and  happily promote people and companies who are aligned with our values and mission and provide rich and knowledge driven content to help our community perform at their peak.   

For article submission please email Articles are required to be no longer than 1,000 words and crafted around a story that informs, is ethical and fact driven.    Please include your contact detail in the article and a stock quality image to go with the article.

If you would like to become an ambassador please complete our ambassador application form here. We do get many applications and only have limited spots available, so we’ll review your application and let you know what opportunities we have.

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We love hearing from our community of healthy living people.   You can find us on email or why not join our community on social media.

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  • A race to remember..... Races aren't just about the runner. This is our founder Andrew running The Great Wall of China Marathon (a few years ago now) with our son Tallinn. A proud moment meeting dad to run through the finish line. Andrew rocked it coming in No.1. #fuelyourpassion #runningwithdad
  • Start your Sunday with a run 🏃
  • When the hard work is visual 😉 “ To be able at any moment. To sacrifice what you are! For what you will become! “
📷 @frizee09
  • Why we've chosen to use Hemp in our delicious Peanut Butter Choc Protein Bar. 💪
  • Thanks for loving us! ♥
#fuelyourpassion #bananachia
  • Real food endurance, turned into bars of deliciousness - hit the link in our bio to pick some up for your next run or adventure #FuelYourPassion
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