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What Goes Into Your Bars?

Our bars contain natural, raw ingredients sourced in Australia and Internationally. There are no additives, no glucose syrup, added flavours or preservatives, no oils, sugar alcohols, or humectants and no refined sugars; only pure ingredients. Our bars are exactly how nature intended us to eat and fuel our bodies with fruits, nuts and seeds, not nasty additives.

At One bars are natural sources of energy, they don’t contain any grains and are completely gluten-free.

We’ve worked with countless elite athletes and even tested our bars on ourselves and we’ve found these bars are the best for long lasting endurance.

You can read more about our ingredients here.

Do You Use Cold Pressing Techniques?

Great question and Yes! We looked at many different methods to create our bars, cold pressing won out due to the minimal processing that goes into cold pressing.

Our fruits are naturally dried, whilst the nuts and seeds are raw. All ingredients are then combined using cold press techniques.

How Much Fat and Energy Are In Your Bars?

At One bars contain no trans fats and each bar has 7-10 grams of healthy fats from nuts, coconut and chia seeds. At around 200 calories (830 kilojoules), our bars provide a balanced energy source for your endurance needs.

Packed full of valuable quantities of nutrients, plus protein, healthy fats and fibre, they serve as an excellent and filling all-natural snack.

At One bars are made with minimally processed, raw ingredients, so the bars are full of natural goodness, with no additives whatsoever. You don’t need a science degree to understand what our ingredients actually are!

Are Your Bars Paleo and Primal?

Yes, our cacao mint and coconut goji bars are paleo (our use of quinoa flakes means the other flavours are not). Paleo and Primal diets provide guidelines for healthy eating based on ancestral eating habits.

Our bars are derived directly from nature, unprocessed, contain no added sugars, trans-fats, grains or dairy. Our cold pressing technique means you receive whole fruits, nuts and seeds perfect for paleo or primal eaters.

What Preservatives Are In Your Raw Bars?

Our bars don’t contain chemicals like E220 (sulphur dioxide) which can trigger asthmatics and allergies. We only use natural whole foods that have natural preservative qualities such as vanilla and sea salt.

We also use high-quality packaging which limits oxygen, moisture and UV-light inside the packet, this means that our bars can stay fresh and tasty for more than a year.

What Flavourings Are In Your Raw Bars?

The term ‘natural flavouring’ is often used very broadly in the food industry. It just means that the flavour being used is obtained from natural sources, including modified wheat compounds or animal sources that are a far cry from the food that you think you’re eating.

For example, castoreum is used as a natural strawberry and raspberry flavouring, and it is extracted from the scent glands of a beaver.

We want you to know exactly what you’re eating, so we don’t add any flavourings at all, natural or synthetic, we just use wholefoods such as peppermint oil, cinnamon or vanilla bean.

Are your Ingredients Organic?

Our raw source product suppliers have been hand selected by us in Australia and overseas. Some of those ingredients are organic, while others are not.

Our focus is on quality products produced ethically, to create nutritious products that are great for you and help with your endurance performance.

We take great interest in how our suppliers source their products, but at times the organic supply of certain ingredients is limited, or is not suitable.

My Bars Didn’t Arrive in the Post

Oh no! We’re sorry to hear this, if you email us at, we’ll get right onto it and get your bars to you.

Where Are Your Bars Stocked?

We have stockists throughout Australia, to find your local stockist click this link. You can also buy our bars online right here!

Are Your Bars Allergy-Friendly?

Our products are free from gluten, peanut, soy, egg and dairy. They’re completely safe for,

Gluten Intolerances

We do use various tree nuts in our ingredients, such as almonds, cashews and pecans. We do not use peanuts, so our products are suitable for people without allergies to tree nuts.

Please note that we use a shared production facility. This facility is HACCP certified (the leading industry food safety protocol), organic, kosher and gluten-free products are also made on site. You can read more about HACCP certified process here.

So you can be certain that in our production process we are extremely careful to prevent any allergen transfer from one production run to the next. Despite best practices we can’t guarantee 100% that traces of certain allergens may not be present in our products from time to time.

Does The Price Include GST?

Yes. All our products have GST applied.

Can you post Australia-wide?

Yes. We can post to all parts of Australia. We use various carriers, depending on where you are. If you’re in a remote area please note that delivery may take a little longer.

Do you post internationally?

Yes we can ship internationally. We deliver to these countries [TBA]


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