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Our Founders

Andrew and Tara Terlich

Are the natural and whole food loving duo behind At One.


ANDREW grew up on a New South Wales farm that his family owned for generations, inheriting a rich love and respect for nature from his parents. He spent many years learning how to incorporate nature into his everyday living through food and exercise.

An award winning athlete who trains daily, Andrew has won the Great Wall of China Marathon and was placed 32nd in the prestigious Marathon des Sables in the Moroccan Sahara Desert.

Andrew strongly believes that,

“to have a healthy body and mind, you need wholesome natural energy, not heavily processed junk that’s full of empty calories”

Andrew is an advocate for clean eating, ultra-marathon runner, speaker, mentor and health-food innovator.



TARA is Andrew’s greatest supporter, business partner and wife. Tara had a successful career in recruitment in Sydney, London and Hong Kong before moving home for a more settled and fulfilled lifestyle with Andrew and their three children.

Having spent many years taking children and Andrew to sporting events she’s fine-tuned how to create nutritious food choices to power herself and her sports crazed family.

She’s grateful she had the opportunity to travel the world and experience some of the world’s finest organic produce and offerings and she used this knowledge to create the very first At One Bars with Andrew.

Tara believes that:

“powering our athletes with the right fuel is so important, real food, means real energy and long-term results”

Tara is the marketing side of At One.

Andrew and Tara live on the Sunshine Coast hinterland and travel Australia attending sporting events and teaching other athletes how to fuel the natural way for sustained and long term performance and energy.

Fuel your passion with At One Bars.


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  • A race to remember..... Races aren't just about the runner. This is our founder Andrew running The Great Wall of China Marathon (a few years ago now) with our son Tallinn. A proud moment meeting dad to run through the finish line. Andrew rocked it coming in No.1. #fuelyourpassion #runningwithdad
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